@A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Kane (money) -tori AHitori


Hey my gentleman,
the care of her is in my own.
you caught it
and put it into a boiling pot,
I can't stand it like a tongue-cut-sparrow.
I made a search in the inns
and got it at last.
Say, gentleman,
bring me back the hen, please.
I'll get a full nelson on her,
make her cry for the pain
It's up to me entirely
whether to kill her or not.
Or, my gentleman,
you seem to have good read now
of the things.

Symbols which indicate the connection of paragraphs

From Big Edo Prints
about the loans in Edo -2-

A greedy usury was called karasu-kane (crow money). The debtor borrows money at crow's morning song, pays it back at the crow's evening song. Hundred-one Mon means the loan of 100 Mon in the morning, pay back with 101 Mon in the same evening.