A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Susu-tori (dusting soot) 一、Yome-tori


Let's pick up Hatsune-san this time
And toss her up into the air.
But be careful, not to keep her up too long
While it's fairly dangerous. Ala!
Wait, let's stop it.
Hhm, she's run away already
Having heard of our conversation.
I am thinking how to catch her.
Neh, A! I hit a good idea now!
Is such a glutton woman. Drop
And scatter this orange's (peels *)
Here around. You
Shall be a lure now
And pretend to
Pick them up.

*→means unreadable character

■From Big Edo Prints■
about the dusting soot in ladies' chambre

Every 13th of December was the day of dusting soot in Shogun's palace. According to this, Daimyo(lord), Hatamoto (retainer), their vassals and citizen dusted soot around this day.
There was a custom of tossing up of the fellow and other entertainment by menservants and farmhands after the dusting soot in ladies' chambre.