A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Ten-tori (competing points) 三、Fuki-tori


By the way, my master, have you composed
Some good phrases on
Amusement of spring? You must have composed
Some good poems, I guess.
Even this poor poem maker
Like me, is trying to hit
Some good phrases
Those junior poem makers bother me
While urging my judge on their poems
It's really unwelcome favor
Because of these disturbances
I cannot hit any phrase at all.
These young birds leaving their nest
Are really not welcome

■From Big Edo Prints■
On Haikai, Senryu and Kyouka

Haikai, Senryu and Kyouka were the indispensable ground for intellectuals in Edo.
Although Haikai has lost its popularity once after the death of Bashou, Sumi Taigi and Yosa Buson claimed the returns to Bashou in Tempou period again and Kobayashi Issa was so active in Bunka-bunsei period.
Senryu was born from adding-on of leading phrase and created word playing culture of common people around the activities of an editor Karai Senryu. Kyouka was derived from Waka, Oota Shokusanjin and Yadoya Meshimori had competed their wit in word play.
All of them represent pliant playing minds in Edo.