A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Hiki-tori (redeeming) 一、Kake-tori


Iho, handsome guy! You certainly
are going to redeem
Otaka-san, aren't you?
It's really a fine matter,
we are ought to be envious so much.
And, the girl is
so good looking that
you'd better let her
being out from adulthood ceremony
and keep her tooth un-dyed.
A hawk with white wings
soars so high *

*→means unreadable character

■From Big Edo Prints■
about redeeming of Yujo (girl for play)

Hiki-tori means redeeming. Koi-no-hikyaku Yamato orai by Chikamatsu Monzaemon is a tale of tragic love around a redeeming of a long acquainted Yujo Umekawa by Kadoya Chubei, the young master of Hikyaku (express messenger service) firm.