A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Kuchi-tori (serving foods to mouth) 二、Chiri-tori


Dear, listen, I say open your mouth."
"In order not to get your hands dirty,
you see, it looks so funny
everyone opens his mouth
so wide when I say that.
They look like
sparrows kids waiting foods."
"Ha, ha, ha, not a
sparrows kid, but a
girl like you that is what
I want to eat.
How do you think of it,
instead of serving foods to my mouth?

■From Big Edo Prints■
On fast foods in Edo

Fast foods like Nigiri-zushi, Unagi-no-kabayaki, Tempra, Oden, Soba, Udon were made popular in mid Edo and then after.
Sushi was served in stand at first. The current style of Sushi appeared in Bunka period first, its original way of cooking was, seasoning and stewing sea eels, cuttlefishes, shrimps with Soy sauce or other first, then put them on the formed rice cake. Raw fishes like spotted shads or horse mackerels were eaten at the end of Edo first, then tunas from Meiji era, fat part of tunas from Taisho era.