@A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Satori (understanding, enlightenment) AMuko-tori


In the ocean of ** Muro
Sa *
Despite of ** giving, six desires
Are born with its depth,
hidden away by a weak rain.
Those who can get rid of *** this world
not much. Thus, human being
Rice and sake, kura-kura (full of storehouse)
Jaku-jaku (full of tanks)!

Symbols which indicate the connection of paragraphs
means unreadable character

From Big Edo Prints
On monks and magistrate

Starting from the beginning of the Edo era, there were religious districts called Jisha-chi where temple / shine magistrate reigned monks and Shinto priests independently from the town magistrate.
Temple / shine magistrate is one of the most powerful 3 magistrates in the Edo government, assigned from the feudal lord. It was ranked higher than the town magistrate who was assigned from Hatamoto (Shogun's retainers), which indicates the high respects on religion in those days.