@A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Te-tori (invitation) OAMuko-tori


Well, mine! My young master,
what kind of wind
today on earth
made you fly over to us
and rest your wings here?
It's really an incident that
we are here
just talking about you.
Hey, girl,
go and tell her
that your precious crane has made
first fly on to you.
right away. And do not forget
to tell her accompanies too. Well,
my young master, we had
no fortune in finding good girls this year
and got that fresh girl at last
from the country side, but are afraid that
the songs of such bush warbler
would sound so funny
in your ears.

Symbols which indicate the connection of paragraphs
means unreadable character

From Big Edo Prints
On girls in Kuruwa (playing district for men)

There was a strict classifying system for the girls working in the playing district. The ranks were as follwing;
1. So called Oiran or Keisei, the upper most girls,
2. Upper Oiran who had own drawing room,
3. Shinzo, the junior girls,
4. Furisode-shinzo, probation girls after Kamuro, had no play with customers by themselves,
5. Banto-shinzo, seniors who remained in the playing district even after loans being cleared,
6. Kamuro, young girls in age of 6-14 who served Oirans.

7. Yarite, supervisor of girls and customer managers,
8. Chaya-nyobo, proprietress of Hikite-jaya (catching tea room), customer guide,
9. Chaya-gejo, waitress in Hikite-jaya
were the indispensable occupations for female in the playing district business.