A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Kyaku-tori (taking customer) 三、Han-tori


"Oh dear! Tsuru-san, haven't seen youso long. Are you active enough like a pigeon picks beans ? Hohoho・・・ (mame means both beans and healthy)"
"Oh! Smartly saying, my bird, aren't you?
Although I'm such old as more than forty years old, I have devoted my heart to you. Rather than birds name word play, it's not my begging you, butdon't you like the idea to make a pair with me?"
"Oh, dear! What a flattering you are blowing on me! I'm pleased with your words too much thatI made mistake to have spilled off the tea! (entirely joking using birds name)"


■From Big Edo Prints ■
On the technique of Yujo (girls for play) how to catch customers

Yoshiwara is built up on the ground of lies.
A Yujo cannot catch a customer if she doesn't tell him "I'm fell in love with you". When she puts mark on someone, she would direct a play such as drawing a deed of love (Ki-shou-mon), cutting her little finger or tattooing his name on her arm as a proof of good faith on him.

Kisho-mon is a charm against misfortune titled with such praying words as Goohoin and written that there is no falsehood in her love in names of God and Buddha. The record says that these were handed to the customer or even swallowed by the girls in front of their customers,
Nevertheless, it is said that God and Buddha have allowed their untruth up to 75 times due to their profession?!