@A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Ya-tori (arrow handling) AChiri-tori


Well, I see. Because of ***
the arrow flights this much.
All of us, it is no good to ware
a sign like this. Let us manage to
obtain one pair of new wings
at once, then come back to dance.
Oh, I became really hungry now.
I will open my lunch box and start
to stave off my starvation!

Symbols which indicate the connection of paragraphs
means unreadable character

From Big Edo Prints
On Ya-tori-onna

Those who practiced prostitution by shooting range in downtown or precincts were called Yatori-onna (girls handling arrow).
The bow stretches near one meter, the arrow is over 10 cm. The distance between shooter and the target was over 10 meters, which had been born as a play for common people.