@A transliteration of "Tori-tsukusi hatsune Sugoroku"

Nedzumi-tori (rat poison) lAHan-tori


Iwami-ginzan (silver mine), rat poison
Aren't there any,
aren't there any naughty kids
around here? What!
This boymimics my selling cry like a parrotand wouldn't stop.
You laugh at my gentle voice
that it sounds like cat?
It's none of your business, boy! It therefore
charms rats, you know?
I'll let your mother know about your mischief
when you cheek adults like this.
What? You are welcome, you say?
Well, I'm thoroughly helpless against such talkative mouth as yours, boy.

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From Big Edo Prints
about Iwami-ginzan Nezumi-tori

Iwami silver mine, now is in Shimane prefecture, was reigned by Edo government directly. Its tribute summed up to 50 thousand Koku, which was called Iwami-ginzan tribute.
Administration office was settled in Omori-cho, 59 bugyo / local officials changed the local services.
The rats poison from Iwami silver mine was so known its effectiveness that the seller appeared even in Edo.