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"Uchu-kichi Sugoroku" (Space Base Sugoroku) Showa 40's
Producer unknown / size (cm) 39v x 53w

This sugoroku is donated by Mr Morinaga Takuro, a supporter of our museum.
Mr. Morinaga is the chief researcher of a think-tank company, Sanwa Sogo Institute, and an economist. He is also well known as a commentator on the "News Station" program on TV Asahi.
On the other hand, he himself is a great collector. For example, more than 10 thousand mini-cars, name cards of well know people, cola cans and bottles, goods of broadcast stations, various figures, premiums of hamburger, straps and so on. I'm afraid that I can not stop helping him in his collection.
Please pay a visit to his HP(URL: ,it surely won't fail in amusing you.

By the way, this sugoroku was found by himself at the antique market of Togo shrine in Tokyo. He handed it to me quietly at a research meeting(!?). According to him, "It might be a sugoroku made in Showa 30's. Such a character sugoroku like this surely will make value in the mean time"・・・ but in vain it must be a product of 1970's, or more precisely of Showa 45-47th.

There is a picture where a rocket and landing vehicle on the moon are just docking, they doubtlessly are the CSM (Command and Service Module) and LM (Lunar Module) of Apollo 11 (1969, Showa 44th). There is also a picture of the spaceship's reentering into Earth's atmosphere in another block.
Although the picture's perfection are not high enough, it provides an excitement with drawings of Apollo mechanism to the boys at that time, whereas I myself was in the 2nd grade of junior high school. On the other hand, there appear octopus Martian and dubious aliens as well, such nonsense is also beloved. It might be printed in small printer in Nagoya for the sake of cheap sweets shops. Its goal is the astronaut wondering at the encounter with aliens.

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whole picture

docking of space ships