@The History of Sugoroku

Rise and Fall of Backgammon

The popularization of board Game, specially Backgammon, hit its peak in the 17th Century.
The most popular game in England between 17th and 18th century was Backgammon. Rich people and clergymen were fond of this game particularly.

E. Hoyle sorted the game rules out and determined a rule in the current form in 1743. Set the piece on the board first, then throw the dice each other to collect all your 15 pieces in the right inner board to make them "up" and away from the board. The player who cleaned all his/her pieces earlier is the winner of the game.
You can call Gammon (=win) when all of your pieces are up and away before any of your partner's becomes up, and will get double of points. Nevertheless, the partner will backgammon (= Come-from-behind to win) the game when one or more of his/her pieces remain in your inner board or are killed already.

Backgammon was played then in the gambling places in Europe and America. However, it faded out gradually from the main stream of board game because of its unclear character which was nor perfect brain thinking as Chess neither gambling like dices or cards.

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