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Sugoroku's powerful functionality in communication, education and enlightenment is much appreciated during Edo era.
After the amusement factor was added to Sugoroku, the 3 fundamental themes have been established, i.e. "Tour", "Kabuki" and "popular manners".

So many various Sugoroku were made and distributed in Meiji era and its functionality of medium has been made more powerful accompanied with the improvements of printing technique, the birth of magazine supplements, and the establishment of distribution channels.

The themes of Sugoroku can be classified as below;

1. Buddhist, Jodo
2. Official rank, success
3. Famous sight, touring
4. Actor, play
5. Artistic, music
6. History, battle
7. Brave, war
8. Women's ceremonial
9. Monster
10. New year, seasons
11. Civilization
12. Children's tale, song
13. Comics
14. Good and evil, moral education
15. Enterprise, advertisement
16. Health, sanitation
17. Politics
18. Others

Don't you see the clue of expression technique of role playing or simulation in computer games nowadays tracing in these variegated and traditional technique of Sugoroku?

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