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Classics where Board Sugoroku is appearing

The Board Sugoroku is a game with very strong gambling character, has put down deep roots in Japan in 4-5th century brought via Middle-east, China and Korean peninsula. It was so popular in Japan through the Medieval to Modern ages that it is hard to find out any anthology of Tanka which doesn't mention on the Board Sugoroku's play.

Needless to name Man-you-shu, Utsubo-monogatari (tale of), Kagerou-nikki, Genji-monogatari, Eiga-monogatari, Konjaku-monogatari, Adsuma-kagami, Uji-shui-monogatari, Heiji-monogatari, Kokon-chomonshu, Tsuredsure-gusa, Haseo-zousi, Gegaku-shu, Minatogawa-monogatari, Bokuyou-kyouka-shu, Koushoku-ichidai-otoko, Ka-no-maki-fude, Saikaku-oki-miyage, and so forth, it's really endless to name. You may imagine easily how well this game grasped the hearts of people.

iFrom "Sugoroku-yubi" by Yamamoto Masakatsu / Gei-sou-dou j

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