Sugoroku and Culture

■Sugoroku Being Composed in Haiku

●E-sugoroku and Haiku

One of the kid's game played during the New Year. Casting dice then to make forward according the facing number from Furidashi (start) block to the partitions drawn on a paper, the winner is the one who reaches Agari (goal) faster than the others.
Sugoroku came from China before Nara era, played with black and white stones on the board and make competition by two dices in a cylinder, is a quite different game and not played today any more. The Paper Sugoroku, born much later, is called Sugoroku today instead.

("Haiku Seasonal Words Glossary, chapter the New Year" / Kadokawa-shoten)

Defeated in Sugoroku by kids A spring of my old man's life    by Takahama Kyoshi

What a big dice made of sweet potatoFor the playi of E-sugoroku     by Yagi Ema

I came in where you are staying On Sugoroku       by Anzai Oushi

Oh my kids know in such detailsOn the E-sugoroku      by Nakamura Teijo

It rolls from fortune to misfortune and so forthThe dice of Sugoroku    by Kubota Mantarou

There flutter the flowers and birds of Sugoroku On Tatami mats     by Hashimoto Keiji

We opened the appendix Sugoroku so loudlyPasted in a Magazine    by Hino Soujo

A lamp lights E-sugoroku faintly in the daylightAt Nakamise street shop      by Koga Mariko

The dice stops on my sleeveAfter its rolling     by Yamaguchi Hatsujo

The dice is getting warmIn the fist of the family head     by Hochiken Jirou

●Sugoroku・・・"Hototogisu's new glossary of season words, new edition" supervised by Inahata Teiko

The origin is old enough to be said that the envoy to Tang Dynasty China brought it back. Placing black and white stones on the 12 partitions on a board, compete with the stone's advancement by 2 dice casting. This Board Sugoroku though was taken over by its variance Paper Sugoroku later. Joudo(Pure Land)-, Shoukan-, Douchu(touring)- and actor-sugoroku etc. were very popular from the Medieval to Modern Ages. Sugoroku means only Paper one for kid's play today.

The world is so enjoyableAs playing Sugoroku    by Kunihiro Kenji

All the eyes have focused On the rolling dice of Sugoroku    by Fujimoto Shusaku

Have the fold of Sugoroku paper Laid out correctly     by Shimada Mitsuko

The Sugoroku looked rather poor suddenly For its ranking up system     by Gotoh Hinao

Lost in the life as wellEven within a Sugoroku game      by Ohtsuki Ujoh

An E-sugoroku of my grandmother's timeLined well from the back     by Takahama Kyoshi

●Sugoroku・・・"Contemporary seasonal words glossary" by Kaneko Tohta, Kuroda Kyohko and Natsuishi ban-ya) / Seisei-shuppan

Sugoroku had been brought from China originally, turned into a variance, E-sugoroku which is played by children now. Make the piece forward according the number of dice, the one who made Agari at first is the winner of the game.

A lamp lights E-sugoroku faintly in the daylightAt Nakamise street shop     by Koga Mariko

It's awfully difficult to make myself loseAgainst kids in Sugoroku     by Shimada Kazuho

It's a night where you can even smell of snowAfter playing E-sugoroku      by Suzuki Ritsuko

Grab a cat no sooner than Having gotten Agari in Sugoroku     by Ouishi Yuhki

This E-sugoroku reminds me of the mountainsWhich my father and mother have loved     by Sekito Yasuko    

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